Curriculum Vitae

Funda Başaran Yavaşlar is a visiting professor of tax law at Free University of Berlin, a lecturer at the Istanbul Kültür University and the Istanbul Ticaret University, and a tutor at the Marmara University.

She is also the Turkish representative on the EATLP Academic Committee, the director of the Division for Tax Crimes of CEHAMER/IKU, the co-founder and executive board member of the VEHUP (Platform for Tax Law).

Prof. Dr. Başaran Yavaşlar studied at the Law Faculty of Istanbul University, and worked as the Chair of Fiscal Law on the Law Faculty of Marmara University for many years, from where she retired in September 2019. She has taught yearly over a thousand undergraduate students in two separate universities, instructed master and doctorate courses in two graduate programs (public law and financial law), as well as tutored over thirty students for their master and PhD theses. She has been a visiting researcher in various universities in Germany and Austria at different times. Her professional activities continue in Germany.

She has written peer-reviewed publications in almost every field of tax law, from tax balance sheet to property taxes. She has specialized in constitutional framework of taxation, income tax law, corporate tax law (especially transfer pricing), tax procedure law (particularly tax audit and reconciliation) and tax sanction law.