Newspaper Articles

2018 - The Recent Decision of the Constitutional Court About Discriminatory Implementations of The Tax Administration, Dunya Newspaper, 24.03.2018,;

2017 - Fight Between Secret Services in Taxation, Dunya Newspaper, 16.09.2017,;

2017 - Where is the problem in Real Estate Tax?, Dunya Newspaper, 19.08.2017, p.10;

2017 - Invitation to Clarify Preliminary Findings of Tax Administration - Cui Bono? A Trend Towards Creating Invoices Less Than 50,000 TL?, Dunya Newspaper, 05.08.2017,;

2012 - Compromise in Tax Disputes -Evaluation of a Peaceful Solution Provided by the Statutory Decree No:659-, Dunya Newspaper, 28.07.2012, p.9;

2007 - Tax Infractions and the Law of Adminstrative Offences, Dunya Newspaper, 26.10.2007, p.18;

2006 - Unconstitutionality of the New Regulation Regarding Tax Loss Infraction, Dunya Newspaper, 22.08.2006, p.18.