Doctoral Theses

2017 - Tax Audit of Large Companies From The Point of View of Taxpayer’s Rights and Effectiveness in Taxation,  Yasemin Cangüloğlu

2016 - The Ex Officio Principle in Tax Procedural Law,   Tuğçe Karaçoban Güneş

2015 - Protection of Personal Data in Turkish Tax Law  (ongoing)

2015 - Using Tax Havens Through Transfer Pricing - A Comparative  Study Between Turkish Corporate Income Tax and OECD-BEPS Action Plan with Suggestions for Turkish  Lawmakers- (ongoing)

2014 - Taxation of The Gains of  Controlled Foreign Companies (ongoing)

Master Theses

2017 - The Principle of Tax Neutrality in Direct Taxation, Gizem Kapucu

2017 - Tools for Tackling the Circumvention of Taxes within the Turkish Tax Law, Alperen Asım Koruk

2015 - Administrative Infractions and Punishments Before Constitutional Principles, Mehmet Şimşek

2012 - The Principle of Legal Security in Taxation, Erhan Coşkun

2010 - Reconciliation in Turkish Tax Law, Sezgin Özer

2010 - Correction in Tax Law,  Mehmet Selim Bilmen

2004 - Evidence in Tax Law, Serdar Günay

2017 - Tax Privacy (ongoing)

2017 - Judicial Review of Provisional Accuracy and Lien in Turkish Tax Law (ongoing)

2017 - Review in Turkish Tax Law (ongoing)

2016 - Tax Liability of  the Executive Board Members of Joint Stock Companies (ongoing)

2014 - Search and Seizure in Tax Law (ongoing)

2013 - Efficiency of the Turkish Revenue Administration (ongoing)

2012 - Notification in Turkish Tax Law (ongoing)